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Lightbox Signs are a uniquely effective way to brand and draw attention to your business 24/7

Get seen from high traffic areas by using a lightbox for exterior fascia or pylons. Inside they can highlight your brand above counters, in reception areas and shopfronts, giving your brand a sleek, professional look. We generally fabricate our lightboxes out of acrylic or aluminium. The faces of our lightboxes are digitally printed on opal acrylic or flex face front. They may be either single-sided or double-sided. We also offer different lighting options for your lightbox.

Lightbox L1

Lightbox L1 is very simple, where front aluminium surface is with cutout and illuminated from back.

Size: 500×200 mm to 3000×1800 mm

Lightbox L6S

Lightbox L6S is made of bended aluminium sheet and acrylic front. Front is mounted with glued PVC attachment strip and screws. This product is suitable with larger lightboxes.

Size: 500×200 mm to 3000×1800 mm

Lightbox L4​

Lightbox L4 is with full illuminated front and can be covered graphic design.

Size: 500×200 mm to 3000×1800 mm

Lightbox L8

Lightbox L8 front is made of glued acrylic where light is directed to front and sides. And vinyl graphic or letters are mounted on the front. The sign is illuminated inside and the lightbox sides gets a brilliant halo effect.

Size: 400×200 mm to 1200×2800 mm

Lightbox L4 “Flex-Face”

Lightbox L4 “Flex-Face” is made of special extruded aluminium profiles. Front is flexible and soft PVC fabric. This lightbox version is suitable only for extra large sizes.

Size: 3000×600 mm to 8000×3000 mm

Lightbox L10

Lightbox L10 is made of aluminum (or aluminum composite panel), where the text is milled out and 10-15 mm thick acrylic letter is mounted in the milled on the text. To vary the colors of the letters, you can foil the characters in different colors. The sign is illuminated inside.

Size: 500×200 mm to 3000×1800 mm



Are you looking for a professional Lightbox installation service? Look no further!

Our full-service solution offers a seamless experience from start to finish. Our process begins with logo development and design and continues to the final installation of your finished sign.

We offer maintenance services for Lightbox in addition to installation. We understand that maintaining the functionality and appearance of illuminated signs is crucial for their longevity and effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Installation methods

  •   2-sided tape
  •   with M3/M4/M5/M8 threaded stud
  •   with sleeves and M3/M4/M5 M8 threaded bolt
  •   with cable rail
  •   with cable rail and with distance (for sandwich panel wall)
  •   with aluminum mounting profiles
  •   with L-angles
  •   with frame structure to wall or ceiling